October 5, 2017

from 11 a.m  to 6 p.m

Dialogues with companies one-to-one


Address > Confindustria Venezia – Area metropolitana di Venezia e Rovigo

Via delle Industrie, 19, 30175 Venezia Marghera

Parco Scientifico Tecnologico Vega, Edificio Lybra



International Design Competition Under 40



The aim of the contest is to create a link between the world of design and production, and stimulate innovative solutions that start from the knowledge and from the eventual customization of materials used for the project. The design theme is Palazzo Ca’ Tron, location of undergraduate degree programme in Planning and Urban Design at Università Iuav di Venezia, located in the historic center of the city.

Dialogue with partner companies, discovering and working on their production processes, realizing a prototype, understanding if things really work, is the goal we hope each competitor picks up and that is what will be most appreciated. The contest begins from these considerations, towards engaging dialogue between professionals and some of the historic representative companies of Made in Italy. In particular of the Venetian productive area, with the aim of meeting the know-how of companies and innovative ideas.


Waterproof organizes a day of study for customized advices with the project partners: Eurofibre, Fiel, Lunardelli, Oikos, Sacaim, Zintek

During the event, applicants may individually confront companies’ technicians in order to experience products and to deepen production methods and installations. There will be the possibility to indicate own innovative hypotheses of solution for an operating comparison about the project idea.  Product samples will be provided if possible.


Each partner will be equipped with a desk. Competitors may have a private conversation to ask explanations and advices with each of them. If anyone would like to visit productive factories of the partners, they will be able to schedule a date during the interview.


The next day we recommend to visit Palazzo Ca ‘Tron’s venue in venice

The site is freely accessible and open to the public

For more info go to Sede Ca Tron


*It is required the registration to info@waterproof.confindustria.venezia.it 


Priority will be given to competitors who have already sent the subscription form to the mail subscription@waterproof.confindustria.venezia.it

On the official website we will publish the conventions reserved for participants INFO