Technology in lagoon

Fiel S.p.A. is an important company of North Italy in plan design, which decided to develop the main section of its business in Venice as strategic action. Our Headquarters are located in Fondamenta Nuove, Venice historical centre, in order to manage technical and  planning area of all the constructions sites in the city. We deal with design organization and fulfilment of electrical, heating plumbing and air conditioning systems, especially focussing on maintenance services and after sale technical assistance through operative units dedicated to Service.

We were born about 60 years ago, as a small handcrafted company. During those years we have reached the actual dimension while keeping unchanged quality features and our professionalism,  which have allowed us to become a corporation (S.p.A). We have available a technical staff of more than 130 employees, an extended vehicles fleet and special equipment for every kind of shipyard.

 We are specialized in restoration activities and in commercial and hospitality branch; our offices follow and coordinate each activity from planning to installation and consultation, with an eye of regards on finding solutions to potential sets of problems. Working in Venice, implies an investment in human resources and materials which is very different respect of realities who works in other territory. Technicians must be particularly expert and prepared, considered that most of times they have to work in environment subdue to authority, for their artistic value which in any way can be wrecked or altered. Logistics has to be studied scrupulously. Best choice has been to provide with own vessel. Particular attention is given to the material. Fiel S.p.A. jointed accords with main suppliers of devices and machinery, to front the problem of area, considering the fact that it is impossible to change dimensions of building or streets, so machines are customised or in alternative, some components are manufactured in loco. Therefore, materials can_t be identical to materials employed in other construction sites. It’s necessary to consider also marine environment and its corrosion.  Fiel S.p.A. represent all these peculiarities. Know-how in installation process, highly qualified staff, capability in logistics, due to holding floating equipment, particular relationship with eminent provider, which allow to realize structure and tailored machines, capability in choosing specific materials offered by market, to give endurance to the system even in adverse conditions. Management and upkeep of system is assured h24.

Fiel S.p.A / Integrated building-plants system

Tutor: Emiliano Lia

mail: emiliano@fiel.it