Restorations in Venice – goods, transport and site logistics

SACAIM was established in 1920 and conservation and art restoration are one of the major specializations of the Company:  the restoration of important historic buildings throughout Italy is the result of its consolidated experience.

SACAIM has always maintained a strong bond with its home town, Venice and carried out numerous great restoration works during its historic activity since the reconstruction of the Gran Teatro La Fenice at the Fondaco restoration as well as the recent restoration work of the Procuratie Vecchie in progress on behalf of parent company Rizzani de Eccher SpA.

Venice is distinguished from other cities for its history and specially for its territorial conformation and its natural dependence from water and tides. The companies involved in the restoration work in this particular city have to deal with the problems related to the transport of goods in the lagoon as well as the modalities of intervention on buildings almost always subject to architectural constraints and located in a unique urban context.

Therefore, the verification and development of the design phase, the logistics of the supply of goods as well as the construction of the site are fundamental.

Sacaim is equipped with an internal technical study where engineers, architects and designers are actively involved, whose skills are fundamental to the development and detail of the design and construction phases of the work to be done.

Headquarters and warehouse of Sacaim are located in Marghera on the Venetian mainland, near the bridge “Ponte della Libertà”, which connects Mestre to Venice. This circumstance is one of the strengths of the company for all the activities to be done in the historic city center.

The Marghera site is located on a plot of land: on eastside there is a land access and on westside there is a quay area, bordering directly on the Brentella industrial canal, which represents the access by sea. The total area is approx. 20,000 mq and also is used as warehouse and freight storage.

The strategic location as well as the combination of land / sea access favors the supply of goods and their transportation from the mainland to the historic center of the city.

Project planning and site logistics are the key to implementing the projects that are to be developed for the various Customers.

In particular, the choice of site equipment and transport means is very important for the respect of the timing and for the end result of the work.

About the interventions to be carried out on Venetian palaces, SACAIM team identifies the load handling system in relation to accessibility of the intervention areas and available lifting means by adopting design choices in order to provide loads and dimensions of the components to be moved which must be compatible with yard logistics.

Another key aspect of restoration works is the choice of materials in relation to the durability of the interventions and their compatibility with the restoration criteria provided by the Superintendence. In particular, the installation of the plants must consider the existing decorative plants and structures.

And the storage areas of goods will need to be identified, in relation to the harsh spaces where the company very often is forced to operate. Sometimes temporary floating docks are sometimes used to store goods, means and materials.

Finally, transport means to be used will be chosen depending to the waterways, considering the width of the canals, the presence of bridges or other constraints, 

all of which are also related to high or low tide peaks.

Sacaim S.p.a. / Organization and management of the construction site and its timing

Tutor: Andrea Tissot