Zintek S.r.l. is a member of the Cordifin Group, a Venetian holding company that operates internationally in the industrial, real estate, and financial sectors.

The Cordifin Group is also the only Italian manufacturer of laminates in zintek® zinc-titanium.


The zintek® laminate, entirely made in Italy, is a high-quality zinc-copper-titanium alloy, perfect for any context, from new projects to conservative restoration operations.

Thanks to its production plant located in Porto Marghera and extending over a surface of 86 thousand square meters, Zintek can boast a unique production chain which goes from the melting of the zinc and its casting, up to the production, commercialization and application of zintek®.

As the Italian reference point for the construction of roofs, façades and zinc-titanium sheet metal, Zintek offers its customers not only a high quality product, but specialized professionalism and skills from the design phase to the actual installation, so that they can make the very best use of the extraordinary qualities of zintek® and guarantee aesthetic pleasantness, long lifespan and authenticity of buildings, with maximum attention to their sustainability

Zintek has worked on a number of high profile projects throughout the country; the following list includes some of the most relevant ones: new buildings (in Milan: the UniCredit Pavilion, the new headquarters of Prysmian and the San Luca Auxological Hospital; the Cittadella dell’Edilizia, in Porto Marghera; the Alitalia headquarters, in Rome); restoration projects (Hilton Hotel Molino Stucky on Giudecca Island, Venice; Palazzo delle Poste, Trieste; dome of the Church of St. Michael the Archangel in San Michele di Piave-TV); redevelopment of historical buildings (headquarters of the “Saint Anthony of Padua” periodical, Padua; Le Conterie on Murano Island, and several buildings in the Historical Center of Venice).

The company has also participated in relevant international projects, for example Le Albere di Trento neighborhood, designed by Renzo Piano.

Always attentive to the latest trends, today Zintek is expanding to the international market with a line of totally innovative products, the new The Colored Ones laminates, a new proposal in the world of architecture and design. Six colors that emphasize the nature of zinc-titanium zintek®, while maintaining its properties intact.

Lagoon Green, Mediterranean Blue, Antique Red, Natural Earth Brown, Rock Grey and Graphite Black: color meets material and becomes an actual architectural element.

The increased commercialization and diffusion of zinc-titanium laminates in Europe and in the rest of the world can be explained within an ever more innovative architectonic scenario where the demand for new materials, capable of adapting to unprecedented forms, is constantly growing.

Choosing zintek® means choosing the visible and tangible pleasure of a material which is alive and long lasting, capable of maintaining its value intact over the course of the years.

Laminate zintek®: made in Venice, made in Italy.

Zintek S.r.l. / Covering and facades solutions

Tutor: Gianni Schiavon

mail: waterproof@zintek.it