Lunardelli est 1967 

Window frames and glazed partitions

The company located in Fossalta di Piave (Venezia) was founded in the late 60’s by the will and the experience of Angelo Lunardelli, craftsman carpenter able to achieve wooden windows and any other furnishings for the home.

For more than 40 years Angelo has guided the company, leaving in 2008 to his sons, Sebastiano e Agnese the task of pursuing the activity.

The small laboratory has meanwhile become a major area of 3000 square meters, with advanced processing departments and processes ISO certified. The craftsmanship is one aspect remained unchanged and still represents the fundamental value of the company.

Lunardelli creates frames and wooden furniture featuring high performance and refined design to meet the demands of the most demanding engineering and architecture studies. Through the expertise of designers, the passion of artisans, the most advanced technologies and the finest materials, the company is able to realize any desire of personalization taking care of every detail, from the idea development to installation.

For Lunardelli the frame becomes a piece of furniture: a frame of the landscape. From an element of closure and protection, it also becomes an emotional element of openness and connection to the outside, an intermediary between man and the environment, a mean to stimulate contempation of the landscape and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Each phase of the productive process is carefully planned and regulated to guarantee the maximum final quality.

The installation is then carried out by the company personnel to guarantee, in this phase also, the quality and attention reserved to the production.

The company is CasaClima’s partner as committed to pursuing a sustainable way of life. The steady and sustained commitment to the environment and the territory is structured in various ways.

Lunardelli Angelo snc has been working in Venice and over the decades a strong link was maintained with the lagoon city. It was able to achieve and maintain a wide fame thanks to its particular expertise in special windows on historic buildings. Thanks to this reason, the company has also done some important work in many important city in the world, as Rome, Moskow, San Pietroburgo, Riad.


Lunardelli est 1967 / Window frames and glazed partitions

Tutor: Elisabetta Mancinelli