First Prize and Honorary Mention Sacaim

Gentle Intervention

Team: Alexander Ryabskiy, Ksenia Kharitonova, Grigoriy Suzdalev, Yan Tikhonenko, Anastasia Sverdlova, Aleksandra Pshenitsyna, Stepan Dorokhov, Anna Ovchinnikova, Cem Rende, Vider Alexander, Vsevolod Tsitsilin

Country: Russia

The winning project stood out for the clarity of the concept and consistency in its constructive application. The intervention identifies a direct link between history, tradition and innovation. It proposes not only a specific solution for Ca ‘Tron, but a complete open system.

GENTLE INTERVENTION focuses on the vertical spine of the building, and suggests both the further upward trend, both the possibile to apply it to other Venetian buildings. The part of the new building is perfectly integrated with the historic one, re-designing the building elements of the Venetian tradition.

There is a strong continuity between micro and macro design strategies and particular attention to the use of partner products, integrated into the construction process. GENTLE INTERVENTION deserves the special mention from Sacaim according to the operational solutions of the building site, the continuity between the ground and the roof and the enhancement of the garden and top view of the city.

Second Prize

A Way Through 

Team: Giulio Mangano, Roberta Bartolone, Claudio Canesso, Giovanni Bellanca

Country: Italy

The second classified stands out because it has understood the spirit of the competition, which focuses on the feasibility of the construction and its sustainability throughout its life cycle.

In A WAY THROUGH the new construction integrates itself in the urban context, in a continuous and multifaceted dialogue with internal retraining. It has been appreciated the study of the construction phases, the plant aspects and the internal exhibition solution.

Third Prize and Honanry Mention Zintek

Hyaloid Servant

Team: Arian Heidari Afshari, Mehrnaz Rajabi, Tsubasa Hoshi, Hirotaka Sugisaki

Country: Iran/Japan

The project stands out for the respectful way with which it faces up to the design challenge. Far from wanting to overshadow Ca ‘Tron, it suggests a part of new construction that is not in contrast with the existing building, but rather it frames it with transparencies and reflections of light.

The proposal is ethereal, an passing architecture that is at the service of the present needs and it enhances its surroundings. The construction process becomes sustainable but also the possible and future process of reconfiguration / decommissioning.

The project deserves Zintek mention for the innovative use of coatings, which stimulate possible experimentation on the creation of facade pattern with the use of cutting and ironing. The project is also flexible and modular with low-cost solutions. This aspect is typical of light constructions that interests the world of manufacture and 4.0 Architecture.

Honorary Mention Lunardelli

Urban Court 

Team: Jacopo Rossi, C

hiara Castelli

Country: Italy

Honorary Mention Eurofibre and Oikos

Palace (h)as Linked Rooms 

Team: Lorenzo Lazzari

Country: Italy

Honorary Mention Fiel

The Octopus 

Team: Loris Luison, Stefano Longo

Country: Italy


Below the video of the whole competition and the projects’ board.