The idea of this contest has a particular story, and it is certainly interesting to tell, in order to help the participants understand the purpose of the work they are preparing to play. Organizers did not start from the need for redevelopment of a specific building, but from the desire to bring the world of professional architects and designers closer to the world of manufacturing. The theme building of the contest becomes a design opportunity to imagine a different way of approaching the project, starting from the known materials, technologies and the connection between the detail and the whole project. We are convinced that this important occasion can be a stimulus for young architects and designers to test not only on project design but also on its feasibility.

Dialogue with partner companies, discovering and working on their production processes, realizing a prototype, understanding if things really work, is the goal we hope each competitor picks up and that is what will be most appreciated. The contest begins from these considerations, towards engaging dialogue between professionals and some of the historic representative companies of Made in Italy. In particular of the Venetian productive area, with the aim of meeting the know-how of companies and innovative ideas.

The design theme is an ancient building, one of the venue of the Università Iuav, located in the historic center of Venice.

The contest is organized by Confindustria Venezia – Area metropolitana di Venezia e Rovigo – e Camera Di Commercio Venezia Rovigo Delta Lagunare.

With the high patronage > Università Iuav di Venezia

With the patronage > ANCE – Associazione costruttori edili – Venezia

Media partner > The Plan

Scientific coordination > PoPlab – Performance Oriented Prototyping Fabrication Laboratory